Info & Prices

It's amazing that you are considering a photo shoot with me! By choosing to work with me, you are investing in capturing and preserving precious moments that will be cherished for a lifetime.

During a lifestyle shoot, I focus on telling your unique story. I aim to create a relaxed atmosphere where I can capture special moments with you and your loved ones. There's minimal posing involved, whether we're shooting at your home or out in nature.

Rest assured that your photos will be taken, selected, and edited with the utmost care and attention to detail. Please refer to the packages below to see what I offer and how to book your session.

How it works & what to expect from a photo session

Before the shoot

To book a photo shoot, simply send me an email and I will provide you with a booking link to secure a slot. Once booked, you will receive a preparation and style guide to help you prepare for the shoot.

Not sure yet what package you'd like to book? No worries, you can choose after you've seen the images. From your gallery you can select your favourite images and decide on the appropriate package.

When to book or schedule your session

  • Pregnancy session - The best time to plan your shoot, is when you are between 28 and 36 weeks pregnant. These few weeks represent the best time to show off a nice round pregnant belly! 
  • Newborn session - Whenever you feel ready, you can get in touch with me to arrange the exact date and time. The most ideal time is when your baby is between 7 and 10 days old. But no worries if he or she is a bit older, all stages are worth capturing.

During the shoot

First and foremost, your shoot is going to be amazing - no need to worry about that! Keep an open mind. I'll be there to capture your life as it unfolds naturally, without any expectations or pressure to perform. Every shoot is unique, and the magic comes from spontaneity and embracing the unexpected. Trust the process and my gentle guidance, and we'll create something beautiful together.

After the shoot

  • I'll send you some sneak peaks within 24 hours after your session
  • All selected photos are delivered in high quality and edited in a mix of colour and black & white
  • Photos can be viewed within two weeks after the shoot, from your password protected gallery
  • From this gallery you can select your favourite images and decide on the appropriate package
  • After completing the total payment, your final selection will be available to view and download in your gallery
  • You can also share your favourite photos with family and friends