Authentic and unpretentious stories

Your personal story is what I care about. Your life as it is. It is your story that inspires me to document and share what is of true value. The pictures that I take will become a priceless memory.

Our joint creation

In an overwhelming world I wish to capture life and what it is really about. Through the lens of my camera I want to transform more and bigger into less and smaller. Simple and yet full of character. In the subtle moment of our shoot I wish to define the meaning of just being. Your uniqueness as a human in this world. Your connection with whoever or whatever is meaningful to you on your path. It is my aim for you to find your natural self in the pictures that I take and to make you happy with and proud of our joint creation.

Capturing your story

How I work

As a photographer I seek details in your expression, to show your
 genuine colours. The glance in your eyes, a tear, true love, your affectionate smile, the sense of humour in your unspoken words.

 During our shoot I become one with my camera. I move myself around you, capturing your story. Authentic and unpretentious in the beauty of natural daylight. I follow my creative instinct, crafting a footprint for life. For you. Because I care.

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