Terms & Conditions

When booking a photo shoot, the customer automatically agrees with the conditions below.


The photographer has the right to change information regarding rates and agreements at all times. The copyright on the photos rests with the photographer. The photographer remains the owner of the photos at all times. The photographer will under no circumstances disclose personal information such as email, telephone number, etc.


The photographer is not liable for physical or material damage caused during the photo shoot, unless there is gross negligence or intent on the part of the photographer.


The photo shoot is paid by the customer within 14 days after the invoice date. The customer must check the invoice after receipt for any inaccuracies. The customer receives the photos after payment. If the photographer has not received the amount due within the stated period, the client will owe an additional 2% of the invoice amount.


In case of complaints, the photographer will be contacted within 10 days of receiving the photos. Next, it is examined to what extent a financial allowance or repetition of the photo shoot is a possibility.

Commercial and business purposes

When booking a photo shoot, the customer gives permission to use the photos taken for business and commercial purposes (such as social media, website, etc.). If the customer does not want to have a specific photo online, this can be discussed with the photographer. If the customer does not want to have a photo posted online, this must be announced when booking the shoot. Photos are never transferred to another company without permission. Permission is also requested for publication in an (online) magazine.


No unprocessed original photos are supplied. The editing of the photos by the customer is not permitted. It is also not allowed to transfer the photos to a commercial company without the permission of the photographer.


In case of cancellation of the shoot by the customer, the photographer is entitled to the 20% of the agreed fee, due to lost income.

In case of bad weather (storm, thunderstorm or heavy rainfall), a photo shoot that would take place outside may be canceled by the photographer or customer. This will be decided no later than the morning of the planned photo shoot.


When using/publishing the photos by the customer, for example on social media, the name or reference to the photographer must always be used.

Force of the majority

It may happen that a photo shoot cannot take place due to force majeure (illness etc.). As a result, the photographer will not be able to meet the agreement. The photographer can give options to reschedule the shoot. In case in case that the photo shoot cannot be rescheduled, the photographer can give tips on possible alternative photographers.